August 7, 2011

1 Year

In 2 days August 9th will mark the 1 year anniversary of my move from New York to Chattanooga. It doesn’t seem possible that I have been gone for that long and at the same time it feels like another lifetime. God has proven faithful through my arrogance and pride and brought me unto a new humility. There was such an extreme sense of my self worth and value that was gracefully broken. I placed such a large degree of success and approval on my abilities and talents and neglected to recognize how important reliance upon Christ’s redemptive work would be for my life.

Coming to Chattanooga and leaving New York and all of my dear friends, family, and church community may have been the most difficult sacrifice of my life up to this point. The spirit of God is doing a great work in those people and in the midst of their communities and I look forward to a reunion with them!!! I am excited to periodically hear of how the Kingdom of Heaven is advancing in their lives and in their homes. God has proven to do a good work in me and I have been adopted into a new community! I am encouraged by his faithfulness and his relentless love and grace. Chattanooga has been and I believe will continue to be an incredibly formative stage within the journey that is my walk with Christ.

I am excited to walk into the next year with an open mind and heart as I can’t begin to fathom how great and wide the love of the Father is for our lives! It is overwhelming to consider the events of the last year and the opportunities the Lord has placed in front of me and I long for the moment to reunite with my beloved community and hear of how the Lord has moved faithfully among you and I will continue always to lift you up in prayer before the Lord. Thank you all for your support and prayers throughout this last year!

I truly Love You!

February 21, 2011


Hey Everyone,

I am really excited to share about what God is doing in my life as of late. As of August 9, 2010 I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee to work at the Mission Chattanooga (an AMIA Church plant) as the Director of College Ministry. I started out as a Tent-Maker (working full-time to supplement my income) at a restaurant called Taco Mac. I waited on tables and after about 4 months I was promoted to part-time employment at The Mission.
I am incredibly excited about the opportunity as I moved here to be developed and mentored in Ministry. As the Church is moving forward and we have now been hovering just under 100 congregants for the past few weeks, I am beginning to take on a number of additional responsibilities.

As of March 27, 2011 we will be launching a morning worship service where I will have an opportunity to coordinate the underpinnings of the entire service.  On February 16, 2011 we are launching our first Alpha Course, which I am really looking forward to the impact this can have on our community. With the extra time away from Taco Mac I can finally begin to implement my vision for The Mission’s role in the life of the college student as we are going to really pour out our hearts into the local Urban poor, through service and teen mentoring programs hopefully in coordination with our efforts already involved in Urban Young Life.

I can’t express what a blessing it has been to have an opportunity to serve God in this capacity. I have learned more in these past seven months than all the years of my life combined.  God has been increasingly faithful, and the Grace given me through my parents and Grandmother has been overwhelming and amazing. Last month my car of two years broke down, and I had no money to get it fixed and I had no idea what I was going to do so prayed, a few days later I spoke with my parents and a few hours later my Grandmother called me and told me should would pay for the repairs she felt that God was asking her to do this. I was so grateful! About a week went by and that same old car broke down again but this time for good. My heart dropped, as I had no way of replacing a vehicle. I called my parents and grandmother and just asked them to pray and they did. God answered and answered in a huge way as he opened the door to getting me a great little car with low mileage, for $50.00 a month from a very generous Mr. Steve Sorensen in Lake Wales, FL. On top of that The Mission agreed to make that payment. God truly made a way were there was none. I have never been in a position in my life where I had to rely on God for everything in my life not just month to month but day to day. At the same time I have never experienced his provision nor his blessings and grace as I have at this time.

On February 1st, I was given the amazing opportunity to move onto full-time staff at The Mission. I put in my two week notice at Taco Mac in mid-January and began my new position at the church a few days ago.  The one thing I didn't consider was the reality that ministry people get paid once a month, where as waiters get paid daily.  This leaves me in bit of a bind until the end of this month.  This is why I am writing you.  If there is any way you could help support my transition over this month, I would be so grateful.  At this point it looks as if I will be short $625 between now and the end of February.  If you have any desire to help fill this gap, please contact me day or night!  Also if you would like to dialogue more about what God is doing in our ministry or my life, I would love to connect.  My number is 845-521-9760.
In Him,

-Brian Hazelet

Brian Hazelet
The Mission Chattanooga
Director of College Ministry
Cell: 845-521-9760

December 14, 2010

Updates to Come Soon!

I will be more faithful to update this page with greater details of the work I am involved in very soon! Thank You for your prayers and continued support!

September 29, 2010

What Is Going On

I am a Pastoral Intern on Staff with The Mission Chattanooga where I am working as the Director of Campus Ministries... I partner with College Young Life as a Volunteer Leader. Neither position is a paid position.  The Internship is building off of a mentoring relationship where I am learning how to be a Pastor. Young Life is a place for me to learn some practical discipleship and evangelism.  I am a “Tent Maker” so I am working as a Server in a Restaurant to support myself and through donations from various people. The more donations, the more free time, the more ministry. It’s been awesome, difficult and confusing all at the same time. The Mission Chattanooga is a Church plant that started about last January so it’s pretty new, exciting, and fresh! I’ve only been here for about a month and two weeks so right now I am just trying to adjust to the culture shock and just be a fly on the wall. I am just getting involved in different things and trying to learn as much as possible so that I can discern a need and then try and meet it. I have a lot to learn man. I’m being pulled and stretched and it’s been really really good, hard but good.

September 28, 2010

Donations In September

Mom & Dad

I just want to say thank you for your continued support of the work of God in my life and how he has used you to provide a platform that will undoubtedly impact the rest of my life. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be apart of the work that God is doing here in Chattanooga. I am so thankful for your partnership with me but on a deeper spectrum with God in supporting the work of his kingdom!

I pray that you would be blessed daily and see his hand in your lives as you reach out in your community and as you extend your hand to pour out and reach into the lives of a community who’s faith is being grown through your faithfulness! May the God of all Love, and Peace be upon you and may his face shine brightly upon your endeavors and may your lives be enriched by his spirit, Amen!

I apologize for the lack of recent updates. I have been swamped with getting everything in order and starting out on a new Journey. I really appreciate all of your support and prayers! everything will start to settle here in a week or two and then I will continue the process and start creating regular updates. Thank you for your patience!

Thu Anh Vo
Gaonou Kue
Mom & Dad
Grandma Webber
Grandma Hazelet

I truly appreciate your help as I go to further the Kingdom of Heaven and as you partner with me in this endeavor. It is through you that I will be able to work unto this end!

May the god of peace and love go with you and bless you throughout your weeks and months and may you see his face as you encounter the hardships of your life, may he meet you where you stand and may you be comforted.

July 23, 2010

The Background 3.0

July 22, 2010

The Background

July 19, 2010

The Scoop

As of August 8, 2010 I will be taking a leap of faith launching me into full-time ministry working in Chattanooga, TN. I will be working with The Camphouse, (The Mission Chattanooga) a church plant raised by God and led by the Rev. Chris Sorenson. I will primarily be focusing on College Ministry where I will be partnering with Young Life’s Quest Ministrys at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga (UTC). I will be undergoing personal development under the Mentoring of Chris Sorenson as an Associate Pastor for The Camphouse and under evangelism development through Young Life under the leadership of David Haskins.

It is by faith and through grace that God would call me to place such as this and as I go I would implore of you that you pray. One, for the The Camphouse itself and the wonderful staff that God has so bountifully blessed us with. Two, for the people of Chattanooga whose hearts have been hardened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have lost hope in the church. Three, for me as I undertake the work at hand, that God would bless me and that I may develop as he sees fit.

"I would pray that God be glorified in my life as i go and that his glory may be evident in yours as you partner with me,  AMEN."

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